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Right now, WCS conservationists are working on the ground, across four continents and four oceans, to save some of Earth's most spectacular and imperiled wildlife. In China, from the Siberian Amur tiger's territory to the nesting beaches of Chinese crocodiles at the delta of the Yangtze River, and from the remote heights of Changtang reservoir in Tibet to the city markets of Guangdong, WCS is making groundbreaking discoveries and crucial progress against great odds.

We need your help to continue our important work to save wild animals and wild places. We commit that your support in any kind and of any amount will be used for protecting the amazing biodiversity on our sole Earth.

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Monetary Contributions

If you want to contribute with a monetary donation please click this link to reach our certified global website.

Project Sponsorship

Partnering with WCS will provide your company with an opportunity to visibly demonstrate your recognition of your customers and stakeholders' concern for nature conservation. Supporting WCS initiatives is a tangible way to prove your corporate environmental responsibility and become a champion of the protection of endangered animals worldwide.
  •     Combating illegal wildlife trade
Since 2008 WCS is playing an increasing role in stemming wildlife trafficking through capacity building training and on-demand technical support to law enforcement agencies, regular market monitoring and consumers' awareness campaigns. We are now developing an innovative mobile phone based tool (Wildlife Guardian) to overcome the technical capacity bottleneck and enable anybody to contribute with monitoring, identification and reporting of wildlife trade in Chinese markets.
  •     Biodiversity conservation in Western Tibetan Plateau  
WCS has been a major contributor to the creation of the Changtang National Nature Reserve, the second largest terrestrial protected area in the world. Nowadays we continue working to support anti-poaching of endangered species such as the Tibetan antelope and wild yak. Through community-driven conservation initiatives, WCS is stimulating a sense of ownership in local herdsmen towards this still untainted land and actively involving them in regular monitoring and patrolling activities.
  •     Conservation of the Amur Tiger and Leopard in Northeast China
Since 1998, when only 20 Amur tigers were left in China, WCS has actively researched on viable conservation solutions and promoted both community education and outreach projects to revert the habitat loss in Northeast provinces. Along with anti-poaching capacity training, regular campaigns to move snare-biggest threat to tigers and their prey, currently we are also promoting initiatives to get more government agencies and local communities involved in patrolling activities and conservation projects.
  •     Wildlife Guardian Action

Every year, WCS celebrates wildlife conservation champions in China, generating significant media coverage to raise public awareness about poaching and illegal trade in endangered species and to encourage public support in these endeavor. Monetary and in-kind incentives are provided to outstanding contributors within enforcement agencies, NGOs and the media.

For any inquiry about how to become the sponsor of WCS initiatives please contact us at 

In-Kind Assistance

  •     Location facilities
WCS would welcome assistance with short and mid-term location facilities where we can host our workshops and/or outreach activities and fund raising campaigns.

Additionally, we are currently looking for long-term solutions for accommodating our offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. While Beijing remains the preferential setting for engaging with the central government and international partners, Guangzhou is the center of our market monitoring and consumers' outreach initiatives.
  •     Advertising space / airtime
When 70% of the people do not know that ivory comes from dead elephants, conservation efforts are unlikely to succeed, no matter how strong we commit to them. Sensitization is therefore a crucial activity we are pursuing both on traditional media and online social media platforms. WCS would highly appreciate contributions of free advertising space or airtime to promote our sensitization campaigns in public spots.
  •     Equipment

WCS activities in the field include anti-poaching patrolling, monitoring and tracking wildlife, and information gathering. The effectiveness of our operations relies on the extensive use of equipment such as handheld GPS tracking devices, high-end binocular-telescopes and compact digital cameras.

For any inquiry about how to support WCS with in-kind donations please contact us at 


WCS has several openings for exciting volunteering opportunities both in our four offices and remotely. These include but are not limited to:
  • Interpreting and translation
WCS is looking for English-Chinese professional interpreters and Chinese-English translators for our workshops, reports and online feature articles. Translation work can be arranged remotely and does not need on-site presence.
Minimum time commitment: WCS will assign the work on a case by case basis after confirming your availability to process the task within the time frame provided.
  • HR management consulting
As a public charity with a strong focus on scientific research and in the field activities, WCS would welcome a partnership with solid HR consulting agencies or specialists to help us further improve our human resources strategy and staff management. Strengthening WCS will make endangered wildlife stronger.

Minimum time commitment: we hope to find a long-term partner for more than one year. We also appreciate volunteers who would provide consultancy service of 16 hours per month for us in 2013.

For any inquiry about volunteering opportunities please contact us at