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Brown Bear-proof fence experiment in Changtang grassland, Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Kang Aili and Zhao Huaidong
Journal: International Bear News
Year: 2011

Ecological Research of Wild Tigers

Author(s): Changzhi Zhang,Minghai Zhang,Baoquan Liu
Year: 2006

Discussion on Monitoring Method of Wild Amur tiger

Author(s): Yongjun Sun,Changxi Yan,Shuhong Ren,Changzhi Zhang
Year: 2009

Migratory and calving behavior of Tibetan antelope population

Author(s): George Beals Schaller , Kang Aili, Cai Xinbin, ,Liu Yanlin
Year: 2006

Review Historic distribution and recent loss of tigers in China

Author(s): Aili KANG, Yan XIE, Jirong TANG, Eric W. SANDERSON, Joshua R. GINSBERG and Endi ZHANG
Year: 2010

Livestock depredation by Amur tigers in Hunchun Nature Reserve, Jilin, China

Author(s): Bing Li,Endi Zhang,Zhongbao Zhang
Year: 2009

The Amur tiger, can they go home

Author(s): Yan Xie,Bing Li,Changzhi Zhang
Year: 2007

Discussion on Protection to Amlir Tiger From the Aspect of Human Action

Author(s): Yongjun Sun,Changxi Yan,Shuhong Ren,Changzhi Zhang.
Year: 2009

Status of Golden-headed Box Turtle(Cuora aurocapitata) And its Conservation

Author(s): Wang Jia, Zhou Xiang, Xu Yanchun, Liu Guoshi
Year: 2007

Distribution, status, and conservation of wild yak Bos grunniens

Author(s): George Beals Schaller and Liu Wulin
Year: 1996

WCS CHINA GÇô Hunchun NTFP Analysis

Author(s): Cang Quach, Minh Tran, Stephanie Wang, Tina Ma.
Year: 2010

Human-Tiger Conflict Resolution Framework

Author(s): Cang Quach, Minh Tran, Stephanie Wang, Tina Ma.
Year: 2010

The Last Refuge for Wild Animals.pdf

Author(s): Yan Xie
Year: 2009
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