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Aili Kang
Country Program Director
Dr.Aili Kang completed her Ph.D in Ecology at the East China Normal University and became interested in ungulate species in west China. She began to work in the Tibetan Plateau and Pamir region of China in 2005. From 2006, she start leading the conservation project for WCS in Changtang Grassland. Her research and projects cover the saiga antelope, Tibetan Antelope and Marco Polo Sheep. In 2009, she received SCB's Early Career Conservationist award for her work on conservation of mammals in the Tibetan steppe of China.
Minfang Gan
Finance Manager
Ms. Gan graduated in English Language (BA) in Beijing and later completed all the courses organized by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA) becoming a member of the professional body. Meanwhile, she successfully completed the courses and dissertation for in Applied Accounting at Oxford Brookes University ( BSc Hon with 2:1). Before joining WCS china project as finance manager, she worked as auditor and financial consultant for almost 5 years. She is experienced with financial reporting and analysis, with a good command of local laws and regulations, and also shows great interest in internal resources management.
Lishu Li
Program Manager
Lishu started working with WCS China program in 2005. She got her wildlife background at the University of Montana, USA, working in the field on Siberian ibex and Tibetan wild yak. At WCS she worked closely with Elizabeth Bennett to initiate the wildlife Trade Program of WCS China in 2007. Currently, Lishu continues to work on wildlife trade issues and is responsible for maintaining NGO partnerships in Beijing, Guangdong and Guangxi. She also provides valuable technical support to the program, especially concerning policy review and recommendations, as well as supporting market data analysis.
Xuchang Liang
Assistant Manager
Xuchang Liang (Rocky) has a cross-sector experience in both business and NGO, currently focusing on research and conservation of highland biodiversity. He got his MSc degree in Biology from Imperial College London, United Kingdom. His research interests interface community ecology, behavioural ecology, simulation modelling, and anthropogenic influences.
Ashley Zhang
Communication Strategist
Ashley Zhang has a master degree in Resources and Environmental Economics from the Renmin University of China. Before joining WCS, she worked in public relations and social media communications as Senior Manager for major clients from the automobile, IT and banking industries. Her experience also includes project promotion for another international NGO. Currently, she is working in the communication team of WCS China and is mainly responsible for WCS brand and project campaigns promotion through media and social media platforms in China.
Fenglian Li
Project Officer
Fenglian Li completed her Master degree in Protection and Utilization of Wildlife at Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan, China in 2008. She’s major in freshwater fish taxonomy, especially Cypriniformes and catfishes. Since 2009, she became a team member of South China Project of WCS China Program. She assisted project manager for the establishment, maintenance and development relationship of South China project partner or potential partner; cooperate with colleagues to implement the project activities, such as organized law enforcement training workshop, conducted market surveillance and education campaigns.
Yonglin Wang
Communication Strategist
Yonglin Wang graduated from HK Polytechnic University in 2010 with a M.A degree in Translation and Interpretation. Prior to WCS, she held a senior executive position with an Asia-based PR company providing media relation maintenance, PR (+ e-PR) strategy planning and implementation service for a number of global IT brands. Before that, she was a bilingual journalist with the world’s largest Tibet-themed web media. Now Yonglin is a communication strategist of WCS China devoted to the protection of wild places and species.
Qijing He
Senior Project Assistant He Qijing has graduated from School of Oriental and African Studies, M.A. International Studies and Diplomacy. As a member of the trade program, Qijing supports the program executive work. She also manages the English social media and website of WCS China. Her academic interests are visual anthropology and biopolitics.
Xiaoxing Bian
Project Assistant
Xiaoxing Bian earned her master's degree in Ecology after graduating from the Beijing Normal University. She had researched on the behavior of giant pandas throughout her graduate school and found that male pandas enhanced their sexual motivation when detected a competitive atmosphere. Love for nature and animals is XiaoXing's natural instinct, protecting nature and animals is her rational choice. She wants to do her best to coordinate the relationships between animals and human society dependent on ecology and ethology. Currently she is passionately working for WCS as a project assistant in Tibet.
Zhilin Li
Project Assistant
Zhilin Li completed his Bachelor Degree in Wildlife and Nature Reserve Management at Northeast Forestry University (NEFU). He continues his profession as a postgraduate student in Wildlife Conservation and utilization at NEFU now. Since 2012, he started the Amur tiger, Amur leopard, ungulate and human disturbance monitoring with camera traps in Changbaishan and Wandashan Mountains. Since 2013, Zhilin had taken part in the pastures surveys program as an intern of WCS China Program in Hunchun office and he became the regular staff of WCS in 2014. Now, he is mainly responsible for the big feline and ungulate camera-trapping monitoring and Amur tiger and leopard footprints tracking in Hunchun Nature Reserve of Jilin Province.

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