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Aili Kang
Country Program Director
Dr.Aili Kang completed her Ph.D in Ecology at the East China Normal University and became interested in ungulate species in west China. She began to work in the Tibetan Plateau and Pamir region of China in 2005. From 2006, she start leading the conservation project for WCS in Changtang Grassland. Her research and projects cover the saiga antelope, Tibetan Antelope and Marco Polo Sheep. In 2009, she received SCB's Early Career Conservationist award for her work on conservation of mammals in the Tibetan steppe of China.
Lishu Li
Program Manager
Lishu started working with WCS China program in 2005. She got her wildlife background at the University of Montana, USA, working in the field on Siberian ibex and Tibetan wild yak. At WCS she worked closely with Elizabeth Bennett to initiate the wildlife Trade Program of WCS China in 2007. Currently, Lishu continues to work on wildlife trade issues and is responsible for maintaining NGO partnerships in Beijing, Guangdong and Guangxi. She also provides valuable technical support to the program, especially concerning policy review and recommendations, as well as supporting market data analysis.
Yu Zhang
Admin Assistant
Zhang Yu is currently supporting the financial and daily administrative work in Hunchun office of WCS China program. In the university she majored in Russia, passed Russia test ТРЯ8. She will be responsible for communicate with Russia in the aspect of Amur tiger and leopard program in Hunchun office. She is positive and optimistic, and she will contribute her own strength to wildlife conservation.

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