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Amur tiger’s habitat in China, includes Wandashan Mountain area and Changbaishan Mountain area. The area dominated by ropencedrymion and coniferous forest, in the temperate and continental monsoon climate, owns high level biodiversity and well preserved ecosystem.

The provinces of Hunchun and Jilin host unique species such as the Amur tiger and the Amur leopard. A large variety of other ungulates find shelter in these regions, among which the sika deer, red deer, roe deer and wild bear. Also carnivores such as the Asian black bear, lynx, leopard cat and red fox live in this well preserved ecosystem. WCS conservation work focuses on the area of Hunchun, Jilin province, where the Amur tiger and leopard are most active.

Conservation Challenges

The Amur Tiger faces a number of threats in its habitat ranging from the danger of snares and traps set by hunters to the shortage of preys. The reduction in the population and density of prey species such as the wild pig and deer undermines the recovery of the tiger population. In addition, a large number of domestic cattle grazed in the forest not only competes for food with wild ungulates but also fosters human-wildlife conflicts whenever tigers prey on domestic cattle. Railways and highways which are being designed and under construction in this area intensify the habitat fragmentation and create an obstacle along the travel routes from teh Russian Far East to the west through Hunchun and the Wanda Mountains. Meanwhile, a large amount of human activities harvesting forest products also threaten this fragile wildlife habitat.

Conservation Approach

Since 1998, when only 20 Amur tigers were left in China, WCS has actively researched on viable conservation solutions and promoted both community education and outreach projects to revert the habitat loss in Northeast provinces. Along with anti-poaching capacity training, regular campaigns to move snare-biggest threat to tigers and their prey, currently we are also promoting initiatives to get more government agencies and local communities involved in patrolling activities and conservation projects.

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