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Jianming Huang
Former Executive Manager
Jianming plays an important role within the WCS China Trade Program. Having graduated with an MBA from Sun Yat-sen University, he has more than 10 years experience in international companies, where he has engaged in project management and process control. He is now leading WCS China Wildlife Trade program. His main responsibilities include the stretegic arrangement of capacity-building training workshops, the development of core aspects of the Wildlife Guardian mobile software, and the supervision of market monitoring activities.
Rama Wong
Regional Advisor, Asia
Rama works as regional advisor for Myanmar, Vietnam and China programs.
Fenglian Li
Project Officer
Fenglian Li completed her Master degree in Protection and Utilization of Wildlife at Southwest Forestry University, Yunnan, China in 2008. She’s major in freshwater fish taxonomy, especially Cypriniformes and catfishes. Since 2009, she became a team member of South China Project of WCS China Program. She assisted project manager for the establishment, maintenance and development relationship of South China project partner or potential partner; cooperate with colleagues to implement the project activities, such as organized law enforcement training workshop, conducted market surveillance and education campaigns.

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