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Yu Zhang
Admin Assistant
Zhang Yu is currently supporting the financial and daily administrative work in Hunchun office of WCS China program. In the university she majored in Russia, passed Russia test ТРЯ8. She will be responsible for communicate with Russia in the aspect of Amur tiger and leopard program in Hunchun office. She is positive and optimistic, and she will contribute her own strength to wildlife conservation.
Bin Liu
Former Outreach Assistant
Jianming Huang
Former Executive Manager
Jianming plays an important role within the WCS China Trade Program. Having graduated with an MBA from Sun Yat-sen University, he has more than 10 years experience in international companies, where he has engaged in project management and process control. He is now leading WCS China Wildlife Trade program. His main responsibilities include the stretegic arrangement of capacity-building training workshops, the development of core aspects of the Wildlife Guardian mobile software, and the supervision of market monitoring activities.
Xiaoyan Zhao
Former Project Officer
Xiaoyan Zhao completed her Master in Enviroment Science fron Huaqiao University in China, in Jun 2011. After graduation she joined WCS China Program, as a short-term staff for seven months in Tibet. She is now the project assistant of the West China Project.

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